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The principal aim of the Reconoce project is to develop a national network of organisations to promote the recognition of the competencies and skills obtained through voluntary activity that improve the employability of young people. To foster this recognition, so necessary to young volunteers, several lines of actions are planned:

  • One of the landmarks of this project is the preparation of a Study on the situation regarding young volunteers and employment in Spain. This study will allow us to ascertain the profile of young volunteers (characteristics, socio-demographics, type and nature of the young volunteer action), identify the main skills acquired through voluntary activity and also to identify the employment situation of young volunteers.


  • Through this project we are developing an informal online accreditation system for voluntary activities. The system will allow for the accreditation to be obtained through the accreditation process on app.reconoce.org.


  • To coordinate the project, the Reconoce Organisations Network will be formed, comprised of all those organisations that work in the area of extracurricular education and want to see the experience of their volunteers accredited.


  • The project also includes the development of a campaign to raise awareness in the business community, educating employers as to the skills acquired through voluntary activity.


  • Finally and with the aim of initiating the road towards official recognition of professional skills, several dialogue roundtables will be hosted with administrations and youth organisations to initiate a process of official recognition of professional skills (PREAR).


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